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  • Karim Obegi

A passionate industry commitment to responsible sourcing


The natural stone industry is composed of a unique and passionate community of people who appreciate the beauty and complexity of the materials we work with. From the stone extraction quarries to the artisans who transform it into finished products and the designers and builders who use it in their projects, all those involved in the natural stone supply chain share a deep respect for this ancient material.

For us who work with natural stone, each piece is more than just a product: it is a work of art created by nature itself. We admire the intricate patterns, textures, and unique colors of each stone and pay close attention to selection and management to ensure that its natural beauty is preserved.

But our appreciation for natural stone goes beyond its aesthetic qualities. We also respect the natural processes that created these materials and take measures to ensure that our work is as sustainable and responsible as possible from an environmental perspective.

This commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing is an important part of the natural stone industry and distinguishes it from other building materials.

We are fueled by a deep appreciation, passion, and respect for this unique material. Whether we are a producer, quarry worker, artisan, designer, or builder, working with natural stone is a labor of love that requires skill, care, and a true understanding of the beauty and complexity of the natural world.


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